Introduction - please read notice below

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Important: This manual is now a legacy document, and will no longer be updated. For the most up-to-date information about Genie's features and how to use them, please see the Genie Knowledgebase on our website. This manual will remain as a reference for older versions of Genie; if there is any information you are unable to find, please let our support team know.


We have used a number of font conventions to make it easier to determine whether we are talking about a button, a menu item, a field etc. These are:


Menu Items look like this Open > Appointments
File paths look like this /Applications/Genie/
Buttons look like this Create Default
Fields look like this Patient Surname
Notes look like this This is important. Please read!


Where keyboard shortcuts have been documented, we have used the Windows terminology. Macintosh users will need to translate the documented key to the Macintosh equivalent, as described below:







Command (The Apple Key)

Dates and Times

When used on a network, Genie uses the date and time set on the server computer. If the date and time showing in the Appointment Book is incorrect, the only possible cause is that the date and time is set incorrectly on the server. Make sure that you have set the AM and PM time correctly when setting the time on the server.