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There are multiple ways of updating Genie to the latest version. The method you use to update will depend on your current Genie version and the version to which you are updating.


As a general rule, here are the methods you will need for the possible update circumstances:


Type of update

What this means

How to update


A minor update is one where only the last number of the Genie version is different. For example, updating

from version 8.8.2 to version 8.8.7.

Either of the methods outlined in the following sections - ‘Special Menu’ Update or Manual Web Update.


A  moderate update is one where the middle number of the Genie version changes. For example, updating from version 8.7.2 to version 8.8.7.

Manual Web Update only


A major update where the first number of the Genie version changes. For example, updating

from version 7.8.6 to version 9.0.6.

As this is a major update that requires a data conversion (among other steps), this update must only be performed after reading the full instructions and requirements available on the Genie Upgrade page of the Genie website. If you have any questions about the conversion and update process, please contact Genie support.


If you aren’t sure which update method to use, feel free to contact our support team via phone (1300 889 362) or email (support@geniesolutions.com.au) and we will be happy to assist you.



There are four main prerequisites that must be met before performing an update of any kind:


1.All users must be logged out of Genie. As part of the update process, the Genie Server application will close and restart, preventing user access until this has completed. Given this, it is good practice to run updates outside of business hours to minimise disruption.
2.A backup of the Genie data must be taken. Verify that you can restore the backup if need be.
3.Any offsite logs generated on offsite laptops must be imported beforehand. Any outstanding logs will be incompatible with the updated data, and the information will need to be manually re-entered if this is not done.
4.The all computers must meet the current Genie hardware and operating system requirements, as outlined in the Genie Hardware Specifications PDF guide. If using the paper version of this manual, you can access this guide within Genie via Special > Software Updates  > PDFs.


Do not carry out any updates until the above prerequisites have been met.


Important update notifications

In the event that an important update is available or required for your current version of Genie - i.e. to rectify a bug or other issue - Genie will produce an alert. This alert will appear upon login under these specific circumstances:


The user is the Genie administrator.
The alert has not already been acknowledged.
The current Genie version date is older than the alert date.