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Email Accounts

Decide whether you would like just a single account for the practice, or whether you would like to have separate accounts for different users. An 'account' is essentially just a different email address.


By default, Genie creates an account with the name of 'Primary Account', which is then used by all the users on a network.


If you would like certain users to have their own account, open their User Preferences i.e. File > User Preferences, click on the General tab and tick the checkbox Create a separate email account for me. This will create a new account in this user’s login name.

Account Details

For each email account you wish to use in Genie, you must enter the appropriate account settings. These details are supplied to you by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and have nothing to do with Genie. If you are unsure of them, copy them from your regular email program’s preferences. If not, contact your ISP to find out these details. To configure an email account:


1.Go to Open > Email.
2.Select the account you wish to setup by clicking on the Accounts button EmailAccountButtonV8 in the top right-hand corner of the window.
3.Click on the Preferences buttonPreferencesButtonV8.
4.The Preferences window will appear. Information about the contents of each page of this window appear below:

Account Tab

Fill in your account details in the window shown below. Use the example text to the right of the fields as a guide.


Note: The Incoming Server commonly takes the form of either “” or “”. The Outgoing Server commonly takes the form of either “” or “”.


The Use Authentication tickbox should be ticked if you authenticate your username and password when sending mail.


The 'Signature' is a customisable footer that you can choose to attach to all outgoing email from this account. Typically, it would hold your name and other contact details, such as phone and fax numbers.

Detail Tab


By default, once Genie has downloaded an email from your ISP, it is deleted from the ISP’s server. However, if you tick the Leave messages on server after download checkbox, then Genie will delete them when you next perform a download after the specified number of days.

Note: It is recommended to tick this box so you can also download the messages into another email program eg. Outlook Express or Apple Mail, as it is not generally recommended to use the Genie email as your primary email program due to its simplicity.


When messages first arrive in the inbox, they are displayed in bold. Once you click on them, they are marked as read after the specified number of seconds, and then display in plain text.


If you find that there are messages downloaded into your other email program, but are not downloading into Genie email when you click Get Mail, then click the Reset Retrieved Msg IDs.


In this window, you can also specify that messages in your 'Sent' and 'Deleted' folders can be automatically deleted after a specified number of days. Deletion of these records occurs when you close the Email window. Only messages in the currently used Account are deleted, so if you have multiple Accounts but never open them, these old messages will never be deleted automatically.

Advanced Tab

This tab allows you to override the default mail server ports. You shouldn’t have to change the default POP3 and SMTP Port numbers unless your ISP tells you that they use different ports. Clicking on the Default button will set the port number to what is default for your system.


The Account Password field can be used to prevent other users from accessing this window and accidentally changing your details.

Entering Email Addresses

Before you can send an email to someone else, you must have their email address recorded. Genie keeps email addresses in a separate table in the database. However, whenever you enter an email address into the Address Book (Open > Address Book) or the Patient Demographics window, Genie automatically creates an entry for that person in the Email Address table.

If you would like to add, modify or delete an email address, click on the Address Book  button AddressBookButtonV8.


You should also add your own name and email address, to allow you to send a test message, as detailed below.

Send a Test Message

To make sure you have entered your email account details correctly, you should send a test message to yourself.

1.Click on the New buttonNewButtonV8 to create a new email.
2.In the search bar next to the word To:, start typing your First or Surname, and a popup will appear displaying any matching email addresses.

Eml_Select                Eml_Select2


Use the mouse or press the Enter key to select the record you would like. If you have performed this correctly, your name should now be displayed in the To: field.

Note: Only the Enter on your numeric keyboard will allow you to select a record place of using the mouse.

The cursor should now be in the Subject area. Enter a subject like “Test”, then press the Tab key on your keyboard to move to the body of the message. Type a few lines in the body, then click the Send Now buttonemailsetup7.


Assuming you are already connected to the Internet, Genie should send the message. If you get an error message, read it carefully. It will frequently tell you what the problem is e.g. an incorrect account password, or account login name.

If the message has been sent successfully, wait a few moments and then click on the Get Mail emailsetup8 button. The window below will appear:

Send and receive mail


Clicking on the Send and Receive icons will switch these options on and off. Because we don’t actually have anything to send at the moment, click on the Send icon to switch it off, then click the OK button to retrieve any messages on your ISP’s server.


The test message you just sent should now be in your Inbox.