Flagging of Patient Record

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When recalls are reassigned, the patient record can get flagged if you accept the prompt to do so.



If the recall is currently overdue, then the Flagged Date is set to one week ahead. Otherwise, the Flagged Date is set to one week after the recall due date.


When a user enters a flagged Clinical Window, they will be notified that it is flagged and for what reason.

Patient is flagged


After the Flagged date has passed, the user who assigned the recall will see the Overdue Patients notification in the navigation palette.


Overdue patients tab


By clicking on this button, the user can view all of their flagged patients. These flags will be displayed regardless of whether they are generated by printing a recall or for another reason.


A list of Flagged patients for all providers can be viewed at anytime through Open > Patients and then Patients > Flagged Patients.