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The Clinical window can be opened from either the Appointment Book or the Patients List. To open from the Appointment Book, click once on the appointment to highlight it, and then click on the Stethoscope button Stethoscope button or press Ctrl+K.


To open from the Patients List, double-click on the record or press Enter on your keyboard with the patient name highlighted.


The Clinical Window has up to five different pages, depending on your practice type and screen resolution.


There are two layouts for the Clinical Window. If your computer and monitor support a screen resolution of 1280x754 or higher, you can tick the Use Large Clinical Window in File > User Preferences. This is a much more useful window, because all the major information is displayed on the one page. It is highly recommended that you increase your screen resolution to take advantage of this feature. Additionally, on large screens/high resolutions, the Clinical Window will open to the full window width, and includes a vertical splitter which allows the sizes of the display area and prescription area to be modified.


Button Description

Edit patient iconThe Edit Patient button opens the patient's Demographic details.


Pathology request buttonThe Pathology Request button opens the Pathology request window. See Ordering Pathology.


Radiology request buttonThe Radiology Request (skeleton) button opens the Radiology request window. See Ordering Radiology.


Red quill buttonThe Referral/Reply button opens a Referral/Reply letter. See Referral/Reply Letters.


Recall buttonThe Recall button opens the Recall window. See Recalls.


Open another patient button The Open Another Patient button allows you to open another patient's Clinical Window. This button should only be used in situations where you would like to quickly refer to another patient's file whilst in consultation i.e. interrupted with a phone call regarding another patient. This is advised to avoid confusion, or even addition of details to the incorrect patient's file. Alt+clicking on this button will display a list of patients with the same Medicare number.


Merge letters The Merge Letter Template button displays a list of available templates. This can be used for documents such as Medical Certificates, or Immunisation History. For set up of these templates, see Merged Letter Templates.


Image browser button The Image Browser button opens up either the Attachments or the Image Browser window, depending on whether ImagePro is registered. See Attachments, or Images.


The Add Consult/Edit Consult buttons open a new consult window or edits your current consultation. See Consultation Notes.

Add consult, edit consult buttons in clinical window


FactSheetButton The Fact Sheets button will open an internet browser window to the Healthcare Fact Sheets websites. From here, you can log into Healthshare and access fact sheets which you can provide to your patients. You can also access the Fact Sheets button in the Prescribing window and the Consult window. In addition, a Healthshare Fact Sheet option will appear when you right-click on an item in either Current Problems, Past History or Prescription areas.


SMS The SMS icon allows you to send an SMS to the patient or their referring doctor, and view the patient's SMS history. For more information, see the SMS Reminders section under The Reception Module.


LaunchIcon-white The My Health Record icon is used to open a patient's My Health Record, and changes colour to indicate whether you have been granted access. For more information, see the My Health Record section of the online manual.